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Product Measurements
All measurements contained on our website are METRIC. For conversion to IMPERIAL, please refer to the following:

  • 1mm = 0.039 inches
  • 1cm = 0.3937 inches
  • 1m = 3.2810 feet

Product Dimensions
All fence panel/ gate dimensions are shown as width x height.

Pressure Treated Timber
A number of products supplied by Independent Fencing are pressure impregnated with a woolmanit Cx (chrome and arsenic free) wood preservative. Once dried, the preservative becomes permanently fixed into the wood and the timber is resistant to natural enemies. A decorative dye is added to the preservative process to ensure every piece of timber is coloured and preserved in one operation. This colour will fade over time to the natural colour of timber. Pressure treated timber is maintenance free and under normal weather conditions, has a useful life of 10 - 15 years.

Golden Brown (Dipped) Timber
Dipped products will fade with time. The treatment which is applied during manufacture is not permanent and will normally last approximately 2 years. It is therefore recommended that treatment be reapplied regularly to optimise a panel's useful life.

Product Photos
Independent Fencing has made every effort to accurately reproduce the colour and texture of all products (excluding accessories) shown on our website. Nevertheless, as timber is a natural product,no two products will be identical, either in colour or texture, and variances versus products purchased, unless significant, will not be considered legitimate cause for complaint.

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